TinyMvvm 2.2 – Shell Navigation Updates

Today I released TinyMvvm 2.2 (2.2.2).

In this version I have added support for passing parameters when navigating with ShellNavigationHandler. You can now use both query parameters and passing a object as a parameter.

So in your ViewModel with ViewModelBase as the base class you can use it like this:

var persons = new List<string>()

Navigation.NavigateToAsync($"{nameof(ContactViewModel)}?id=1", persons);

You can also use the NavigationHelper class to navigate.

NavigationHelper.Current.NavigateToAsync($"{nameof(ContactViewModel)}?id=1", persons);

In the receiving ViewModel, you can access the parameters via the QueryParameters- and NavigationParameter properties.

public class ContactViewModel : ViewModelBase
    public async override Task Initialize()
        await base.Initialize();

        var id = (int)QueryParameters["id"];
        var persons = (List<string>)NavigationParameter;

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The full source code and documentation can be found on GitHub. Feedback and contribtions are very welcome.

  6/4/2020 - 7:09 AM