Solution: Web role deploy problem with Azure SDK 2.2

When I updated my Windows Azure SDK to 2.2 I got a problem when deploying the package of my MVC 4 web site from Visual Studio to a web role in Windows Azure. The message I got was that a exception has occored under recycling and that I should check for unhandled exceptions or configurations errors.

Finnaly I found the solution, setting Copy local to true on the reference to the assembly for WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime made it work again.

Worker role in Azure with HttpListener, deployment failed

I created a new worker role for a websocket server. But when I would deployed to Azure an error accoured, I did not get any message in Visual Studio but when I opend the Azure portal I found an message that told me that a HttpListenerException occoured. My first thought was that it was a conflict with the port that the worker listened at. But I tried other ports and same result. After som researched I found that the worker was not allowed to register HttpListener.

The solution was to add <Runtime executionContext="elevated" /> to the ServiceDefinition. When I deployed the worker after adding it the deploy was successful.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ServiceDefinition name="DefinitionName" xmlns="" schemaVersion="2012-10.1.8">
  <WorkerRole name="MyWorker" vmsize="ExtraSmall">
    <Runtime executionContext="elevated" />
      <Import moduleName="Diagnostics" />
      <Import moduleName="RemoteAccess" />
      <Import moduleName="RemoteForwarder" />
      <InputEndpoint name="endpoint" protocol="http" port="80" localPort="80" />

A project portal, webshop or a blog in Azure in a few minutes

Websites in Windows Azure is not just for hosting your own developed websites you can also choose from a gallery with applications. You can for example usa WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. In a few minutes you will have a running web application in the cloud.

To create a website in Windows Azure, go to the Windows Azure portal and click new then Compute -> Web Site -> From Gallery

Then you get a dialog where you can choose an app to install.

Azure Websites is free to use, but if you need better performance you can upgrade your web site, read more here,

If the app you want to install using MySql you will get 20 Mb for free.

We using Azure Web Site for a project portal for our WordRoom-project. We using Incentive for that, a very good portal including blogs, wikis etc. It's free to use for up top three users.


Authentication with Azure Mobile Services

When developed the multiplayer part of WordRoom we discussed to use different authentication providers. But it was a lot of code to integrate each provider. And we wanted more than one. Instead we developed our own solution.

But just ask yourself, do you want to create an account everywhere with different username and passwords. I don't. When we discovered Azure Mobile Services it was an obvious choice. Mobile Service gives you authentication with Microsoft-, Google-, Facebook and Twitter account and it's for free. You only need to connect it to a database server. But we already had a database server in Azure. So i next version of WordRoom, you can authenticate with your Microsoft-, Google-, Facebook- or Twitter account.

With just a few rows of code you can authenticate the user with one of the authentication providers.
That Mobile Service is for five different platforms is a huge strength. You can use it for Windows Store applications, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and HTML5/JavaScript. If you use Xamarin Studio for developing your Android and iOS apps, there is a third part library.

In a Windows Store application you just add the SDK, some rows in App.xaml.cs and one row where you want to authenticate the user.

user = await App.MobileService

Read more about Mobile Services