Solution: Cursor disappears on Surface Pro 2 when connecting monitor

If you having problem that your cursor disappears on your Surface Pro 2 when you connecting an external monitorthere is a simple solution, disconnect the external monitor and connect it again and it will work again.

For me this problem showed up when I changed size for text and objects on the desktop after that I connecting an external monitor.


Windows 8.1 and the new fish

The preview of Windows 8.1 is now available for download at,
I installed it earlier today and I got a start button that I never will use. But is good that they added it when it seems to be an important thing for a lot of people.

I like that I can use a photo as background at the startscreen and that it is easier to adminstrate the tiles on the start screen. For users with touch screen it's good that you can do all settings from the PC-settings app and don't need to use the control panel.

One fun thing is that the ugly fish in the preview versions of Windows 8 is also updated, the Windows 8.1 fish looks much better!
Windows 8.1 fish

Enable WebSocket Protocol in IIS

If you want to use WebSockets with IIS8 you need to enabled it. This step by step guide will show you how to enable WebSocket Protocol on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

Enable WebSocket Protocol in Windows 8

  1. Open "Control Panel
  2. Open "Turn Windows features on or off
  3. Expand "Internet Information Services"
  4. Expand "World Wide Web Services"
  5. Expand "Application Development Features
  6. Check WebSocket Protocol and click "OK"

Enable WebSocket Protocol

Enable WebSocket Protocol in Windows 2012 server

  1. Open "Server Manager"
  2. Click on "Manage" in the right corner"
  3. Click "Add Roles and Feature"
  4. Go to "Installation Type in the Wizard"
  5. Select "Role-based or feature installation and click "Next"
  6. Go to "Server Roles"
  7. Expand "Web Server(IIS)"
  8. Expand "Web Server"
  9. Expand "Application Development"
  10. Check WebSocket Protocol and click "Next"
  11. Click on "Install"

Enable WebSocket Protocol Windows Server2012

If you running a web role in Windows Azure you don't need to activate it, it's already done!

Beyond the Tiles

Monday was me, Johan (@johankson) and David(@d_andersson) visiting Microsoft for a seminar about design, primary for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Arturo Toledo (@arturot), Alex Toledo (@toledoal) and Vincent Garcia (@vincentgarcia) was the speakers at the seminar. Arturo is a former member of Microsofts Windows Phone team but now he has his own company, Toledo2, together with his brother Alex. The third speaker Vincent Garcia are working with design for Windows 8 and Windows Phone at Avanade Digital.

The Toledo brothers start the day by giving us a lesson in design history and talked about the Swiss design school and the international style. It's there the Metro design or Microsoft design language as it's called today, has its roots.

One of the message of the day that Microsoft design language is much more than tiles, thereof "Beyond the Tiles". They say the developers of Windows apps follow the guidelines to much and that make all Windows apps look the same, many developers use the Visual Studio templates and thinks the design has to be in that way.

Vincet Garcia showed us a couple of designs he had done for Windows 8 and Windows Phone and how the design has evolve with their increased understanding of the design language.

We also get som tip how we could improve the design of the Windows 8 version of WordRoom, thanks for that!

It was a good day and I became inspired and get much new knowledge to use in coming designs.


WordRoom in spotlight at Windows store

Our game WordRoom has been choosen to be in spotlight at Windows Store in Sweden for the fourth time! No when more people using Windows 8 than last we was in spotlight we hopefully can get more players. It's fun that Microsoft like our game. We are also on of ten apps that Microsoft Sweden have choosen for their website,

WordRoom in spotlight at Windows 8 store

WordRoom in spotlight at Windows 8 store





If Apple had done Windows 8 nobody have missed the start menu

I tired of all talk about the start menu in windows 8, or the lack of the start menu. Instead of a start menu with sub menus to get lost in we have got a start screen that we can customized in the way we want. How many used the start menu in Windows 7? I did it very rare. I press Windows button and then I started to type the name of the application I wanted to start. Microsoft have done research that shows that many people start their applications that way. Because of that they improved the search.
If Apple had done Windows 8, it have been a cool new start screen. Now it was Microsoft and a the same people that says Microsoft need innovation are not giving Windows 8 a real chance to show how good it really is.
But I could understand that things could be confused with Windows 8 in the beginning, for me it wasn't the start menu, it was the charm bar. But after a few days with Windows 8 I have now problem with the charm bar and I miss it when I using Windows 7.

I think Windows 8 is the best operating system I have used so far.