Autofac vs TinyIoC

I recently added a resolver that is powered by TinyIoC to TinyMvvm because I got a request to do so because they said that performance was better. I have used Autofac for many years and I have never had any problems with it. But I decided to replace Autofac with TinyIoC in one app that I am working with right now, just to try to measure the difference.

What I did is that I logged 4 runs of the initializing code of the app for each IoC provider. I used the iOS simulator in debug mode. Here is the result:

Autofac (ms) TinyIoC (ms)
136 16
91 14
83 13
91 14

I was surprised that the difference was so big, we will probably have other numbers when running it in release mode, but I think that this test gives us a pretty good indication of what the performance is. I will definitely continue with TinyIoC in this app and I will also use it for new apps.

  6/17/2020 - 9:12 AM