Build 2014

Now we are in San Francisco for the BUILD Conference that starts on Wednesday. It was a long flight from Sweden yesterday, but I used the time for coding. Have to say that Surface Pro is an excellent device for coding on an airplane.

What I expect from the BUILD conference is a big amount of inspiration from great lectures and people, new knowledge about developing for the Microsoft platform and some product news specifically for Windows Phone.

The most discussions before has been about Windows Phone 8.1 but I have also read some that speculating about a preview of Windows 9.

I saw the schedule for the first time earlier this morning and it will not be easy to select what to listen on.

If you want to follow us on Build you can do it here on my blog and on Twitter, my username is @hindrikes and Johan's is @johankson.

  3/31/2014 - 3:27 PM