Catch Logger

Catch Logger is the app that helps you keep track of your catches. It is a non-social app, which means that you keep the catches for yourself. But of course, you can share them if you want. To keep your fishing places secret we have added an edit function so you can edit and your photos before sharing them. That is great if you want to hide the background for example.

With the "fishing session" feature you can easily count the number of catches during, add photos or register special catches if you catch a fish you want to save more information about.

You can also register a single catch or a record catch if you want to add a fish to the app without having to start a fishing session.

Get it here:

Technical details

Catch Logger is build with Xamarin.Forms and using some components from Syncfusion.

Backend is hosted in Azure, API is built with Azure Functions and data is stored in Azure Table Storage, except for users accounts that are stored in Azure AD B2C.

  2/9/2022 - 1:29 PM