If Apple had done Windows 8 nobody have missed the start menu

I tired of all talk about the start menu in windows 8, or the lack of the start menu. Instead of a start menu with sub menus to get lost in we have got a start screen that we can customized in the way we want. How many used the start menu in Windows 7? I did it very rare. I press Windows button and then I started to type the name of the application I wanted to start. Microsoft have done research that shows that many people start their applications that way. Because of that they improved the search.
If Apple had done Windows 8, it have been a cool new start screen. Now it was Microsoft and a the same people that says Microsoft need innovation are not giving Windows 8 a real chance to show how good it really is.
But I could understand that things could be confused with Windows 8 in the beginning, for me it wasn't the start menu, it was the charm bar. But after a few days with Windows 8 I have now problem with the charm bar and I miss it when I using Windows 7.

I think Windows 8 is the best operating system I have used so far.

  2/8/2013 - 4:39 PM