Improvments to TinyInsights

Today I released TinyInsights 1.1.7 with some improvements.

I have removed so it will not await when sending events to providers anymore. The reason is that it affected one of my apps in a negative way when I was tracking page views in the OnAppearing (when using Xamarin.Forms) method for a view. Also, users experienced navigation to be very slow. When I wrapped the call in Task.Run it worked like a charm again, so now I decided to build-in that behavior into TinyInsight.

The second change I have done is that I had wrapped all calls to external providers in a try/catch statement, except for methods that tracking error. This because that if a call failed it maybe can be tracked if you are using another provider for tracking error than the one that failed.

And I also want to say thank you to JTOne123 for a PR that enables SourceLink.


The full source code and documentation for TinyInsights can be found on GitHub. Feedback and contributions are very welcome.

  7/6/2020 - 1:23 PM