SplitView in Windows 10 universal app

One of the new controls in the SDK for Windows 10 universal apps is the SplitView control. I guess you have seen the apps with the hamburger menu. If you want to create an app with a hamburger menu I recommend you to use SplitView.


The control is splitting the views/pages in two parts, the left one is called Pane and can be used for menus, for example. The Pane has for different display modes.

When the pane is open it will be shown over the main content of the page.

Is shown the same way as overlay, but with thinner. I recommend yo just show icons in this mode.

When the pane is open it will be beside the main content, see the screenshot above.

Inline also has a compact mode as with the CompactOverlay I recommend you to just use icons when showing the pane in CompactInline


The default placement of the pane is to left, but you can also have it on the right side. Just set the PanePlacement property to right.


The complete code can be found on GitHub, https://github.com/dhindrik/windows10samples

If you want to read more about Windows 10 development I have created a list with all my Windows 10 blog posts, http://danielhindrikes.se/windows-10/, more will be added.

  7/30/2015 - 2:49 PM